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CountrySide - A Community on the Potomac...

CountrySide, a master planned community, consists of 2,539 homes (1253 single family, 1168 town homes, 16 manor homes, and 102 condominium units in the Villa's). The community was completed in 1991, and the homeowners' association is known as the CountrySide Proprietary.

The purpose of this site is to provide homeowners of our community with easy access to our association and information relevant to our neighborhood and community.

2017 Monthly Assessment Summary

Single Family Homes                $70.00 per unit per month

Town Homes                                  $90.50 per unit per month

Manor Homes                                    $70.00 per unit per month

The Villa’s at CountrySide         $52.00 per unit per month



Every month a portion of your assessment contributes to a reserve fund specifically for capital components as mandated by the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (Code of Virginia, Title 55).  Over the next five years the plan to repair and maintain the townhouse roadways only will exceed one million dollars.  The road repairs coupled with the increased expenses for snow removal created a continued shortfall in the funding.  As a result, the 2017 townhouse assessment rate will increase by $7.34.  The new rate, beginning January 1, 2017 will be $90.50. 


Single Family, Manor Homes and Villa’s

Fees remained the same in 2014, 2015 & 2016.  Every month a portion of your assessment contributes to a reserve fund specifically for capital components as mandated by the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act (Code of Virginia, Title 55).  Increases in the contribution to reserve funds for costs of capital components such as pools, tennis courts and trails as well as the operating budget resulted in the 2017 increase.


If you currently pay through ACH, the new assessment amount will be deducted beginning January 1, 2017. No action is required.


If you pay through an automatic scheduled “Bill Pay” feature with your bank, please adjust the amount as indicated above beginning January 1, 2017.

Homeowners paying online on will also need to adjust to the new amount.


Firewood Available

Did you know that when the Proprietary removes a dead or dying tree on common ground, we leave the wood behind for use by any resident?  The trees are typically cut into firewood length sections and may be collected and used as desired by any resident.  All we ask is that residents take care in the process of removal to not drive on or otherwise damage the common ground in the process of collecting and hauling the wood.


Additionally, residents may also cut up and use any naturally fallen tree as well but again, taking appropriate steps to ensure that the common areas are not damaged in the process of removal.


Please keep in mind however that due to current emergency Federal and State regulations to control the spread of the emerald ash borer beetle, firewood from Loudoun County may NOT be transported outside the counties of Arlington, Fauquier, Loudoun and Prince William and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax City, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park. 


For more information on the emerald ash borer, please see the Virginia Department of Agriculture press release at:


Fall Leaf Issues

It’s getting close to that time of year again when the leaves become a bit of a problem for all of us and our landscape contractor, BrightView Landscape Services (Formerly ValleyCrest). 


We have again discussed the process of leaf collection with BrightView and have reminded them to make every effort to avoid blowing leaves back onto resident properties while performing services to the common areas of the communities.


We are also again asking all residents to extend the same courtesy and to avoid blowing leaves from their property onto ANY portion of the common grounds, including both the turf and wooded buffer areas.  This practice can lead to piles of leaves that damage the turf in the common areas and unsightly piles in the wooden buffer areas. 


BrightView will be collecting the common area leaves on two separate cycles this year.  Both collections will be dependant upon the weather but we anticipate that the first collection will be in mid November and the second will be in mid December.


Please contact us at the Proprietary office if you have any questions regarding this process.

BoD Vacancies - Rokeby & Welbourne
There are vacancies on the CountrySide Proprietary 2017 Board of Directors for the Rokeby and Welbourne neighborhoods.  We are currently accepting applicants to fill the vacancies.   If you are a homeowner in the Rokeby or Welbourne neighborhoods of CountrySide and would like to make a contribution to your community, please consider applying to represent your neighborhood on the Board of Directors.  To apply, click here to fill out the application.



Lock Your Vehicles

Due to an increase in thefts from vehicles and auto theft, please ensure your vehicles are locked and all valuables are taken out, to include vehicle keys, and garage door openers.