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CountrySide - A Community on the Potomac...

CountrySide, a master planned community, consists of 2,539 homes (1253 single family, 1168 town homes, 16 manor homes, and 102 condominium units in the Villa's). The community was completed in 1991, and the homeowners' association is known as the CountrySide Proprietary.

The purpose of this site is to provide homeowners of our community with easy access to our association and information relevant to our neighborhood and community.

Pre-Teen Pool Party Re-Scheduled

The Pre-Teen Pool Party has been re-scheduled to Sunday, August 27th from 4:30-7:30pm at Lindenwood Pool.  Rain date is Saturday, September 2nd, same time and place.


What better way to cool off and enjoy the end of summer than at a pool party?  So grab your swimsuit and towel and join your neighborhood friends for an afternoon of fun in the sun!  We will provide pizza, soda, and a cool treat for you to enjoy!  We will also have music and games!  All you need is your valid 2017 Amenities Pass or you can purchase a party pass for $5.00 each and be between the ages of 9 and 13.  Chaperones will be provided.

VDOT Paving Update

VDOT is currently finishing the streets they have started in CountrySide.  They will then take about a month break to address other projects and will return to finish all streets that have been determined will be repaved. 


Residents can access detailed information on VDOT’s paving web page, located at:  Questions should be directed to VDOT on their website (  ) or by phone at 800-FOR-ROAD.  For more information, please click here


CountrySide Blvd Tennis Courts Reserved
The tennis courts located on CountrySide Blvd, adjacent to CountrySide Elementary School, will be reserved as follows:


Sundays     8/6-8/27        Court 1        10am-11am & 5pm-8pm

                                     Court 2        9am-11am & 5pm-8pm

Mondays    7/31-8/28      Court 1&2     6pm-8:15pm

Tuesdays   8/1-8/29        Court 1&2     5pm-8pm


Wednesdays  8/2-8/30     Court 1         9am-11am & 6pm-8pm


Thursdays  8/3-8/31        Court 1&2     6pm-8pm

Solar Eclipse - August 21st

On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun.  In our area, the eclipse begins at 1:18 PM, the maximum eclipse (81%) occurs at 2:43 PM, and it ends at 4:02 PM.  At maximum eclipse the sunlight will be dimmer than it would appear on Mars, but a little brighter than it would appear if you were near Jupiter.  For more solar eclipse information, please visit NASA's website at:


What is It?

This celestial event is a solar eclipse in which the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the sun for up to about three hours, from beginning to end, as viewed from a given location.  For this eclipse, the longest period when the moon completely blocks the sun from any given location along the path will be about two minutes and 40 seconds.  The last time the contiguous U.S. saw a total eclipse was in 1979.


How Can You See It?

You never want to look directly at the sun without appropriate protection except during totality.  That could severely hurt your eyes.  Safe ways to to this including projection with a pinhole, approved solar filters to hold up to the eye, and properly filtered telescopes.  For more information, please click here.


For any additional questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jeffrey Kretsch, CountrySide resident, for more information. 

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